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Windhaven is making changes and starting a new breeding program. We are going SPOTS!

We are excited to announce that our long hard search for a new herd stallion is over. Check out our new APPY stallion.

**Rehs Lightfoot**

Rehs Lightfoot

Southern Charms Spot Me A Buck x Rehs Appy Lucy

Rehs Lightfoot

Rehs Lightfoot

Lightfoot as a foal.

2002 32.5" Bay lepeord stallion.

Lightfoot is a beautiful bay (looks black) lepeord stallion. He is only 32.5", with a pretty head, long neck, level top line, straight legs, good bite, sweet disposition and beautiful movement. He has some great appy bloodlines, including Southern Charns Spot Me A Buck (buckskin appy), Little Feathers Firewalker (sorrel appy), Rehs Roan Lucy (blue roan appy), Toyland Little Sombrero (black appy, Yellow Diamond Little Feather and more.

Lightfoot is co-owned with Carol Enos.

Thank you Robert & Cloteen Rehdantz for the opportunity to own this beautiful stallion.



**ML Pardon My Dust**

ML Pardon My Dust

Lucky Four Sugar Boys Superstar x Rivers Edge Bucks Precocious Miss

ML Pardon My Dust

ML Pardon My Dust

2006 31" Red Roan Stallion

Dust is a super nice AMHA/AMHR young stallion with a lot to offer. He is correct, straight legged, with a

very long neck, pretty head, flat topline, interesting color, nice movement and a sweet personality. His great

bloodlines include: Lucky Four Sugar Boys Superstar, NFCS Sugar Boy, Boones Little Buckeroo,

Gold Melody Boy, Roan Ranger, Dippers Duffy, and many more.

We are very excited to have this fine young stallion join our herd. His first foal is on the ground and he is gorgeous.



**Solid Gold Tender Love**

Solid Gold Tender Love

Love Me Tender x Snow Fire Satin

Solid Gold Tender Love

Pictured above, at 13 years of age straight out of the pasture with no conditioning.

1991 31.5" Sorrel Pinto Stallion

Home of 3 x AMHA Reserve National Champion Halter Stallion

Tender is a small compact, conformational correct, pretty stallion with beautiful powerful motion. He sires

outstanding foals from all types of mares.

Below are some of Tender Loves get, not only conformationally correct and beautiful, but displaying that

beautiful motion that he throws and so many breeders try acheive in their breeding program.



Some of Solid Gold Tender Love offspring.

Desperado Heartbreaker

Windhaven Desperado (Sold) ********************************* Windhaven Little Heartbreaker (Sold)
Trouble Trouble

********** Windhaven Rhythm And Blues (Sold)**********
Rhythum Ten

Windhaven Shes Got Rhythum (Sold)*********************************RSB I'm A Ten (Sold)


**Majolicas Leatherwood Trigger**

Majolicas Leatherwood Trigger

Little Kings Leatherwood Buckeroo x Evans Jack O Lantern

Majolicas Leatherwood Trigger

2002 33" Palomino Stallion

An own son of the late Little Kings Leatherwood Buckeroo (Woody) who is the sire of the


Triggers first foals are ultra refined and gorgeous!!!!

Triggers sire was the sire of the 2004 & 2005 AMHA Champion of Champions. Trigger is very

correct, with a beautiful head, and a big eye, he has a level top line, nice neck, and smooth body.

Trigger also has that show ring attitude that he pass on to his foals that is needed for the top calibur show

horse today. Triggers first foal crop are just as we expected, ultra refined, correct, and

beautiful. Be sure to check the photo gallery for pictures of his awesome foals. Trigger is in training with

Mike McCabe for driving in 2006. Trigger first show in halter he received 6 1st and 2 Grands.

SOLD to Elaine Jones, Jones Miniatures


**Alliance Topsiders Tribute**

Alliance Topsiders Tribute

NFC Egyptian Kings Topsider x Evans Tahoe

Alliance Topsiders Tribute

2002 32" Grey Stallion

Tribute is a National Top 5 Junior Stallion Two Years in a Row!!!!

He is already qualified for the 2005 Nationals!!!!

Already achieving many Grands, Reserves, and Supremes in Halter!!!!

We are very excited about this new addition and look forward to the beautiful babies by him in 2006.

Tribute is very correct, with an extreme chiseled head. He has a level top line, long neck that sets high on his

shoulders and verysmooth body. Tribute also has that showring attitude and flashy movement that is needed for

the top calibur show horse today.

SOLD Congratulations to Terri White, Creekside Farm

Tribute Tribute


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